MOT Special Ladder

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MOT Special Ladder

Performance Overview

Load Capacity Certification Material Color
120Kgs SGS EN131 Aluminum Sliver

Product Description

  1. Heavy-duty serrated rungs prevent slipping for safe and sure climbing ( available in D-rung profile)
  2. Traditional raise from the rear pulley design
  3. Triple pulley system on the top, middle and bottom sections to co-ordinate with hidden-style circular pull-ring
  4. Large rubber feet base for long lasting durability
  5. Split section pulley and Bracket system with locking device to fix at required height
  6. Raising mechanism uses nylon tongue to protect aluminum from abrasion
  7. All come with extra pole strap, handle, heavy-duty feet
MODEL Distance Step Step Hight Fount Base Width Back Base Width Base Depth Approx. Weight kgs.
MOT-01 200m 1 210 565 658 325 2.6
MOT-02 200m 2 410 565 658 617 5.78
MOT-03 200m 3 610 565 710 915 8.72