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APS-Aluminum Stepladder With Big Platform
Performance Overview
Load Capacity Certification Material Color Professional
150Kgs SGS EN131 Aluminum Sliver Screwing
Product Description
• Durable Aluminum alloy “C” Channel side rails in high visibility
safety yellow
• Useful ABS tool-case on top for putting different hand tools
• Super tough copolymer top for strength and durability
• Slip-resistant serrated aluminum steps for safe climbing
• Inside spreader arms complete with “wrap-around” brackets to
strengthen spreader to rail connection and protect spreader arms during storage/loading/transport
• Reinforced with Zinc coated steel diagonal braces on the front of every other step and double bracing on bottom step for added
strength and stiffness
• Big platform is made in aluminum and safety and comfortable
standing for user
Specifications Dimensions(Open A Type)
APS-04 4 1560 1650 522 997 6.3
APS-05 5 1795 1902 555 1170 7.9
APS-06 6 2025 2150 585 1340 9.5
APS-07 7 2255 2400 620 1510 11
APS-08 8 2490 2650 650 1690 12.6
APS-09 9 2723 2900 688 1860 14.2
APS-10 10 2958 3150 715 2050 15.8
APS-12 12 3193 3400 742 2240 17.4
The information is given in distance between two stpe 250mm.
The distance bewteen two step in 300mm is also avaliable.