Type of Ladder

Ladders are made from different materials and in a multitude of designs to be used in a variety of circumstances. The main options are listed here.
Aluminum Ladders The aluminum alloys used in modern ladders are allow for lighter weight and greater strength and so stand up to day-to-day wear and tear well. They will dent and not chip or crack when subjected to severe impact. They do not need a protective finish as they will not dry out or weather with age or sunlight exposure. The worst that happens with age is a slow oxidizing of the surface, which is easily polished off. However, they do conduct electricity and heat with obvious drawbacks.
Fiber Glass Ladders Fiber glass ladders do not conduct electricity, as long as they are not wet. Fiber glass ladders tend to be used for electrical applications. They withstand the elements well and do not need treatments if left outside and can safely be stored near heat sources. These ladders tend to be heavier than aluminum ladders and unlike aluminum, fiber glass can crack under a heavy impact, such as dropping them onto a solid surface.

» Choosing a safety and right ladder is not only became to your good tool, also insure your security and steady working condition.

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