How to use the ladder in right way!
1 Regularly clean the ladder to avoid chemical corrosion of the ladder surface. Regularly check connecting parts and apply lubricating oil when needed.
2 If any part of the ladder becomes misshapen or damaged or connecting parts do not work properly, contact the manufacturer for professional repair.
3 Poor environmental conditions can reduce the lifespan of a ladder. In general, ladders have a one-year lifespan for indoor use. If used continually, the metal parts will become oxidized, reducing the overall safety of the ladder. The user should exercise caution.
4 Aluminum ladders can only be placed in approved locations, i.e. corridors, emergency exits, warehouse entrances. Do not store outdoors, in order to avoid damaging the ladder.
5 Before using the aluminum ladder, make sure the ladder feet and the rungs are safe. If a rung is broken, do not use the ladder.
6 Make sure that the ground below the ladder is smooth and that there is no water or oil which may cause slipping.
7 The aluminum ladder must be completely opened. Do not place both feet on the top rung of the ladder. Adopt correct posture when using the ladder.
8 If you feel the ladder is unstable, ask another person to help steady the ladder while you work.
9 When moving the ladder, make sure that you do not hit any overhead objects or pipes.
10 Select an aluminum ladder of the proper height. If the work to be done is at a height higher than 4m, then do no use a step ladder. Use an aluminum ladder or an extension working ladder.
11 If the height of the ladder is insufficient, do not climb on a shelf or use a box or a chair instead of the ladder.
12 Broken ladders must be clearly marked as such and must be repaired in a timely manner. Do not try to use tape or rope to fix temporarily.
13 When using an agriculture-use tripod ladder, you must first make sure that the bottom feet are stuck in the soil. It can be
climbed after it is fixed in place. Do not use it on muddy ground or on a hard surface.
14 When using a ramp product, you must make sure that the placement is parallel. Do not use it on terrain with a big height difference to avoid falling when on the ramp. If there is a breakage on a ramp, please contact a professional aluminum ladder factory for handling as soon as possible.
15 Most of CHIAO TENG HSIN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. products passed the international standard and different loading testing from SGS.
16 All of ladders are one-year warranty. If you have any problem with ladders. Please contact with your supplier of distributor immediately.

» Choosing a safety and right ladder is not only became to your good tool, also insure your security and steady working condition.

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